Terms and conditions

        1. This application/portal is property of swimcenter.ca, which is owned by Blue Wire International Inc, Ontario, Canada.

        2. All the programmed software and concepts used to retrieve, process, generate, and publish the information are property of swimcenter.ca.

        3. The purpose of this application/portal is to help Canadian Swimming community to organize and use the swim meets results in a more efficient and beneficial way.

        4. As a "User" of this application you agree to:

                 4.1. Declare that you are one of the following:

                         4.1.1. a licensed swim coach

                         4.1.2. a relative or family friend of a registered swimmer with Swimming Canada

                         4.1.3. a swimmer registered with Swimming Canada

                 4.2. Authorize swimcenter.ca to retrieve on your behalf, electronically, swim meets results (times) published by www.swimrankings.net and www.swimming.ca 

                 4.3. Understand that the seed data is obtained from www.swimrankings.net or Swimming Canada and you have the right to access it and use it; the  swimcenter.ca only processes the data and generates various statistics for the "user"'s benefit

                 4.4. Inquire about a swimmer only for informative purpose.

                 4.5. Use the generated reports only for your own or swimmer's information.

                 4.6. Don't use the generated information to produce any harm (physical or intellectual) to the swimmer, swimmer's Club, Swim Ontario, or Swimming Canada

                 4.7. Promote this application only to the people defined at paragraph 4.1, who you know may be interested

                 4.8. Don't publish any of the generated information to any electronic nor paper publication without the consent of swimcenter.ca; you may request consent at support@swimcenter.ca

                 4.9. Any complaint or suggestion related to this application please send it to support@swimcenter.ca

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