1. What STD, PQ, DQ, VAR mean?

          STD - the standard time needed by the swimmer to swim in that event at the specified championship (e.g. Ontario Festivals, Ontario Central Region Championship, etc)

          PQ - Pre-Requisite time needed by the swimmer to qualify for the specified championship

          DQ - De-Qualifying time which prevents the swimmer to qualify for the specified championship

          VAR - Variance to the standard time. Represents the threshold above or below the standard time. The lower negative variance, the closer the swimmer is to make the standard time. Useful when you plan for which events to swim in trials.

2. Swim Ontario Provincial and Festivals New Standards

Highlights of the changes:

  1. Age categories:13 & Under, 14, 15, 16, and 17 & Over. No more Open category.
  2. Both Spring and Summer meets are LC.
  3. Pre-Requisite rules are eliminated.
  4. Times are between 1-2% faster than 2015-2016 (with the exception of 14 & Over in 800/1500 Free & 400 IM, and 13 & Under in 800 Free & 200 IM)
  5. Qualified swimmers get only 1 (one) bonus event.
  6. AA Meet eligibility
    • 1 QT = 3 events in AA Meet
    • 2 QTs = 2 events in AA Meet
    • 3 QTs = 1 event in AA Meet
    • 4 QTs or more are not eligible to swim in AA Meet

More details on Swim Ontario page.

3. Swim Ontario "AA" Standards

Highlights: Based on a survey among the swim head coaches from Ontario, Swim Ontario committed to a new format for the Ontario Provincial Championships (Spring and Summer). A two tiered format with the first tier swum as current format and standards and the second tier meet being swum with a different set of standards during the afternoons as timed finals events.

As such, the Ontario AA Standards have been established (faster than Provincial "B" Standards but slower than "A").


4. Swim Ontario Central Region




5. Nova Scotia Junior Provincial Championship Qualifying Rules

6. Nova Scotia Provincial Championship Qualifying Rules

7. 2016 Team Aquatic Supplies Age Group Trials Qualifying Rules

8. Speedo Alberta Age Group Championships

9. Speedo Alberta Senior Championships

10. Swim Ontario Academy Consideration 2016

11. Swimming Canada updated the National Championships rules and standards for 2017

Key changes:

  1. Use of LC qualifying times only at national competitions
  2. Creation of peak performance windows in March/April and July/August
  3. Eastern & Western Championships move to April from February
  4. Creation of a youth qualifying standard for Canadian Trials
  5. Changing Canadian Age Group Championships (AGN) into the Canadian Junior Championships (CJC)
  6. Targeted placement of the stroke 50 events (Fly, Back and Breast)
  7. Emphasis on relays

Check the link to see Swimcenter's table with CJC, Trials, and CSC standard times.
You can read full details about the changes in Swimming Canada's Competition Improvement Plan @ 2023